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Iceberg Article

An Iceberg Article is a single page of writing which links to a larger collection of supporting documents, resources and services.

The parent article (the "tip") is not merely a summary - it is a complete (albeit brief) treatment of the topic.

The purpose of the Iceberg format is to convey an idea in the medium of the web, but without the distractions of that medium. The author wishes to leverage the richness of a hypertext web of multimedia while avoiding the diffusion of a flat, non-heirarchical resource.

A hierarchy of information is implied in this format. The Tip is not just another web page and the links to the "below the surface" content are not the same as links between peer web pages. Further, the Tip becomes an exercise in compressing language and meaning as it restricts itself to a single, text only page.

It is important to keep the Tip uncluttered and free of images, links, notes, subscript and so on. The format implies that these are present, but hidden beneath the surface. The kernel of the topic can be digested thoughtfully and the depths underneath can be explored as needed.

The Tip leads to at least one, but possibly many, supporting documents, resources and services. The minimum requirement is simply an expanded form of the tip (the "body"), complete with references, notes and links. Other resources and services that might lie under the surface are a wiki, a changelog, a software repository, additional supporting articles and reference pages and even a discussion forum.

In this way, a concise and complete treatment of a subject can serve as a gateway to an extremely deep and rich well of content that does not distract from the parent work.


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Published 2018-01-30 / Last updated 2018-07-25